1.5 tonne Mini Excavator

1 Day: £75.00
2 Day: £120.00
3 Day: £165.00
W/e: £105.00
Week: £210.00

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Our 1.5 tonne range of Bobcat mini excavators are great machines for all types of application from digging foundations, digging up driveways and landscaping your back garden. With ease of use, powerful digging capabilities, comfortable seating and controls, you will get through lots of work that would otherwise take you a long hard time. Comes with four buckets 12" 18" 24" & Grading bucket. Model may vary.

Special Notes: Refuel before returning. Insurance required.


Bucket sizes: 300 / 450 / 600 / 1000 mm
Fuel: Diesel
Digging depth: 2495 mm
Width: 990 mm

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