Health & Safety

Your safety is very important to all our customers and our equipment is top quality and maintained to the highest standards. However, appropriate safety equipment must still be used, whether the operator is experienced or not. Many customers provide their own PPE (personnel protection equipment) however here at TVE Hire we can provide you with a full range of safety equipment, and we’ll be pleased to advise you on what you need and what’s most suitable to your task.

We do have items such as Chainsaws, chippers or welding equipment that require specific safety equipment, that is always available from our branches.

With all items, we must ensure that a customer understands the equipment being hired. This will require some of your time at the branch or on site, where we will demonstrate equipment fully.

Furthermore all our equipment comes with Hire Association Europe safety instructions and on request all our equipment can be accompanied with its original manual or operating instructions.

Please take note of the following safety signs:

Dust Mask

Ear protection

Eye protection

Face Shield


Hard Hat



Protetive Clothing

Safety Footwear

Welding Mask

Working at Height

What our customers say

""Called in this evening thinking my paslode has had it's day to only be shown how to break it down properly and in 30 minutes have it fully lads...Cheers ." "

Wayne Roberts

" "DNR Garden Services used the new Avant 760i, from TVE this week, it is the ideal multi purpose machine for ground care. ""

Dave Romain

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