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TVE Hire Insurance Cover

Welcome to TVE Hire Insurance cover in conjunction with HAE Insurance Services and HAE Hire Guard.


Here at TVE Hire Centre we provide Insurance for Cash and Account customer for any item you hire out with us.
If you are a cash customer simply request the insurance button on the form or speak to one of our advisers for
information concerning requesting insurance.


If you are an account customer or applying to be an account customer and you require insurance please download
and fill out the following form click here.




HAE Insurance is 15% the cost of the hire of your equipment. There is no VAT on insurance.



Property hired out under HAEHireGuard is covered for:

Physical loss or damage at any situation in the UK including whilst in transit between such situations other than
by sea or Air.


A limit of liability up to ?00,000 any one occurrence, no single article limit.


Full replacement value for property up to 24 months old.



Excess (Amount deducted from each claim for the amount of agreed loss)


Up to ?00 - ?5

?01-?000 - ?0

?001-?000 - ?5

?001-2500 - ?00

?501-?000 - ?50

?001 and over - ?00



Principal Exclusions


Policy excess ?the customer pays for the first part of the claim and the amount is determined by the value of the
claim costs.


Any amount over ?00,000 in respect of any one occurrence.

Loss or damage whilst in a vehicle unless:

(a) all doors, windows and openings are closed and securely locked or fastened when unattended

(b) property is securely mounted in or fixed to the vehicle or kept in a suitable container whilst in transit


Loss or damage to attachments and tyres other than diamond cutting wheels unless the principle equipment is lost or damaged at the same time.


The policy defines attachments as follow:

“loss or damage to cutting edges (other than diamond cutting wheels) tools trailing cables or fixing pipes other than when loss or damage results from the total loss of the complete item or items of insured property?/strong>


Loss or damage due to:

(a) Failure to clean and conduct routine maintenance of the property

(b) Breakdown or Wear and Tear

(c) Treatment or foreign bodies

(d) Wilful Act


?Loss or damage to any item insured whilst on any of the hire company’s own premises.

?Loss of any property insured which is not collected within 72 hours (excluding Sundays and Bank Holidays) of that item being “off hired?

?Loss or damage due to Fraud or Dishonesty of Employees

?Any hire charges that are incurred during the period between when the equipment is lost or damage and subsequently returned or replaced.

?Loss or damage in Northern Ireland resulting from riot or civil commotion


Inventory losses that come to light upon collection (usually) at the end of a contract. This may be were say 50 fencing panels have been hired for a job and when the hire company arrives to collect them there are only 48 and no one can explain what has happened to the missing 2.


If they had been damaged by say a delivery vehicle reversing into them and the incident reported to HAE Insurance Services as a claim the loss/damage to the 2 panels would have been covered but as they have just gone “missing?they are an inventory loss and specifically excluded. ?Please note any losses must be notified at the time of loss/damage occurrence:

?Use of equipment underground

?Loss by fraud or theft if security checks have not been complied with

?Any liabilities or responsibilities arising out of the use of the equipment



Claims Procedure

At the point of discovery of loss or damage to the hired equipment the hirer must immediately notify you, the hire company, advising the date and time of loss, brief details of the circumstances and if any other party is involved and if so providing their details.


Where the loss involves theft, malicious damage or riot the Police authority must also be notified immediately and a crime or log number obtained. In the case of riot the loss must be reported to the Police within a maximum of 7 days.


A claim form must be completed.


Always asked or request Insurance cover via the website when hiring equipment.